Wood & Metal Wall Paints



Tec Rapid Dry Primer

Quick Dry Primer For Wood & Metal

Tec Rapid Dry Primer is a is manufactured with special type of synthetic alkyd binder and micro fine red oxide powder along with extenders and different additives. It is a quick drying primer for MS surface providing hard and tough film. It is free from heavy metals like lead, mercury and chromium.


Air drying Primer !

  • Provides Tough Film
  • Low odour and Low voc
  • Provides better Top coats coverage
  • Easy Brushability

Directions to Use

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is thoroughly clean and free from grease, fungi, algae, loose paint flakes and other surface contaminants by rubbing with stiff wire brush or abrasive paper followed by water jet cleaning or wiping off with damp cloth.Make sure the surface is rubbed properly and ensure the rust is totally removed,wipe clean and make sure the surface is fully dry.


Apply 1 coat of Tec Rapid dry primer after diluting properly and strain through clean cloth.


It can be applied by brush or spray.

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